Pick-Up Zones

Vestar has identified short term parking spaces in each parking garage as customer pick-up zones. These spaces are intended for quick “curb-side” pickups and to-go orders and may be used on a first come, first serve basis by all Crockett Row merchants.

When your customer places a to-go order, please encourage them to utilize the pick-up zones in your block. Upon arrival, your customer should call your store to identify which space they are parked in so your team may deliver their order out to their vehicle.

pick-up zones

  • 20-minute parking spaces for to-go orders
  • Each parking space is identified by a color and number
    • NE Block – GREEN
    • NC Block – RED
    • NW Block – YELLOW
    • SC Block – BLUE
    • SE Block – PURPLE
  • For all Crockett Row retail and restaurant customers on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Parking validation is not required if the customer is in and out within 20 minutes (the time is
    tracked by the time stamp on the parking ticket). Customers may insert the unvalidated ticket
    at the exit terminal and they will not be charged a fee.
    *A parking validation is needed if the transition takes more than 20 minutes*

We hope that you find these short-term parking spaces useful! If you have any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact our office at 817-810-9076. Thank you!